Ethiopian Family Search Services

Paid Services:

We offer searches, letter delivery, phone call check-ins, translation services, and retrieval of court documents. Read more.

I’ve just had a great experience with Ethiopian Adoption Connection! I used their services to reconnect with my child’s birth family in the Wolayta region; they have a social worker who delivered a letter and photos to our daughter’s birth family ….. [EAC] is very professional and the turnaround time was great.  We are so grateful to know that her birth family is okay, and the peace and joy that came over her face was priceless. Carolyn – Adoptive Mother

Free Services:

አማርኛ – ነጸ አገልግሎቶች  Give Ethiopian Family Info Here

Upload your or your child’s adoption data to our database which is viewed often by Ethiopians. These cases are also shared in person in Ethiopia by our case workers in Ethiopia.

Check the database of Ethiopian family cases to see if someone is looking for you or your child.