Volunteer Staff

Andrea Kelley, Executive Director

Danielle West and Amber Brunck, Adoptee Intake

Anne Seichter, Amber Brunck Ethiopian Family Intake

Amber Brunck Outreach and Translations

Emma Parsons French Support

Erwin Bolwidt, DNA

Kerry Worth, Social Media


Andrea Kelley, President and Chair

Tracey Chambers, Vice President and Secretary

Audrey Milner, Director

Kalkidan Alelign, Director Emeritus

Adoptee Advisory Board

Amarech Richmond, Adoptee (USA)

Honorary Board

Ann Dowd


Salfiso Kitabo

Water.Org, Country Director, Ethiopia

Habte Mesfin

CEO Revocup and Revocup Foundation

TG Ambachow

Revocup Foundation


Rachael Strogoff

Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy

Advisory Board

Karen Fetrow