Resources for Adoptees, Natural Parents, and Adoptive Parents

Support and Education Resources, in no particular order. This is a page in progress.

Adoption Mosaic Adoption Mosaic provides a platform for compassionate, informed education, training and resources to the adoption constellation/community. In one way or another, we all have adoption in our lives. And regardless of what role we play or the resources we’ve been give, each of us deserves a healthy lifelong adoption experience.

Grow Beyond Words – Adoptee-Therapist Directory This directory includes licensed U.S. mental health professionals who identify as adoptees & work with adoptees/adoptive families in a variety of public & private settings. Only providers who have voluntarily submitted their information have been listed.

The Ultimate Adoption Resource List An all-ages list of books, websites, blogs, podcasts, documentaries, educational videos & more for all members of the adoption constellation, from Grow Beyond Words.
Harlow’s MonkeyAn Unapologetic Look at Transracial and Transnational Adoption
Adoptee Memoirs List created by Harlow’s Monkey: Memoirs and anthologies from an adoptee’s perspective
Intercountry Adoptee Voices InterCountry Adoptee Voices (ICAV), previously known as ICASN (InterCountry Adoptee Support Network) began in 1998 in Sydney, Australia as a support network created by intercountry adoptees for intercountry adoptees, of any country of origin.
Adoptees On The podcast where adoptees discuss the adoption experience

Beteseb Felega EAC’s Adoption Movie List This list of movies and documentaries was chosen to present personal, heart felt adoption experiences from the point of view of adoptees and original / birth families.

Adoptees Connect Where Adoptee Voices Meet – An Adoptee Centric Connect Group