Would you like to show your support for Beteseb Felega (EAC)? Financial contributions provide the most immediate impact, however there are many other ways you can support our work reconnecting adoptees with their families in Ethiopia. Here are some of them:

Donate. Do you support our mission? Have we reconnected you or your child with family in Ethiopia? Have you used our website or received free personal consultation services via email? Did you know that our entire staff outside Ethiopia is all volunteer? We need your support so we can help more families. Financial contributions make the most immediate and effective impact. Recurring donations sustain us for long periods. Donate today! Every little bit helps.

Tell people about us. Like us on Facebook or Twitter. Share our links on social media. Share our adoption case posts, share our fundraising drives. Write a personal message about why you support our mission to reconnect Ethiopian adoptees with their families back home. Invite your friends to like our page. We value your support.

Do you have skills you think would benefit our work? Let us know. We may have a place for you. Fundraising is our biggest need right now, and even the simple act of committing to enthusiastically share our fund drives would be much appreciated. We also love collaborating with folks in different receiving countries to provide translation services to those newly reunited. Due to the heavy workload to maintain, volunteers should be sure they have time and can be committed. Contributors are recognized on our Who We Are page.

Host an event. Hosting an event can mean organizing an online auction, setting up a dinner open to the public, or any other fund generating activity you like. Here are some photos from an event hosted in Kansas City. If you are motivated, we need you! Contact us to discuss details.

Support EAC while you shop at Amazon! They will donate a percentage of your purchase to us. It’s easy, just click and shop as usual!

If it breaks your heart that Ethiopian families long for missing updates on their children, you can now sponsor an outreach trip for one of our social workers to travel to an area of your choosing to collect Ethiopian family data. In doing so, you will provide them the potential for reconnection with their adopted children. It’s easy: start a Facebook fundraiser from our page, announce your location, and invite your friends, especially those with children from the same area, to donate. We will provide a report with photos which the organizer can share with donors.