Would you like to show your support for Beteseb Felega EAC? Financial contributions provide the most immediate impact, however there are many other ways you can support our work reconnecting adoptees with their families in Ethiopia. Here are some of them:

Donate! Set up a recurring monthly donation for us! You’ll light up our lives every month! Help us stay alive so we can provide more adoptees with their stories. This project us about more than one individual reunion. Pay it forward for the next guy and the health of the organization! Donate here.

Want to donate but can’t right now? Do a Facebook fundraiser for us. If everyone we’ve helped did a Facebook fundraiser for $100 per year, we’d be fully funded! It’s simple, just click here.

Tell people about us. Like us on Facebook or Twitter. Share our links on social media. Share our adoption case posts, share our fundraising drives. Write a personal message about why you support our mission to reconnect Ethiopian adoptees with their families back home. Invite your friends to like our page. We value your support.

If it breaks your heart that Ethiopian families long for missing updates on their children, you can now sponsor an outreach trip for one of our social workers to travel to an area of your choosing to collect Ethiopian family data. In doing so, you will provide them the potential for reconnection with their adopted children. It’s easy: start a Facebook fundraiser from our page, announce your location, and invite your friends, especially those with children from the same area, to donate. We will provide a report with photos which the organizer can share with donors.

Are people asking you to help reunite them or their friends? Let us help them. We know what to do if people are scared, and we can support them. Forward those cases to us so that we can provide those people with excellent services. This keeps our social workers “in work,” which is no small thing. We cannot exist without our social workers. Email the Ethiopian family names and numbers to EthiopianAdoptionConnection at gmail dot com.