PLEASE NOTE: Searches are on hold right now because of COVID 19. We are struggling to keep up financially right now with the few things we are able to do. You can upload your case, BUT know that it will be a while before you receive your quote and we can actually work on your case.

Register for an Ethiopian Family Search

Beteseb Felega offers searches throughout Ethiopia. Comprehensive, detailed reports are provided for all searches. Careful and diligent effort will be made to find your or your child’s Ethiopian family. It’s important for clients to understand that not all searches are successful. Regardless of outcome, you will be provided with written and photographic documentation of your search.


A $50 registration fee will enable us to review your adoption information and provide you will a quote for your Ethiopian family search. After you’ve made your registration payment, you can provide your adoption search information through our easy to use website form. You will be able to save the form and return later for up to 30 days (be sure to follow the instructions), and when you submit your data, you will receive a copy via email.


REPEATING: EVERY SEARCH CASE MUST INCLUDE ADOPTION DOCUMENTS IN ALL LANGUAGES GIVEN TO YOU. YOUR CASE WILL NOT BE LOOKED AT WITHOUT ADOPTION DOCUMENTS. NO EXCEPTIONS. There is often significant information contained within that the adoptive parent is unaware of. This information can mean the difference between success and failure and can save time and money. Unfortunately, we will no longer be providing “soft” quotes. Too often we spend hours or more reviewing and discussing a case only to finally see the adoption documents and realize the case looks completely different from the information we were initially provided.

Please make every effort to present your case in a clearly-organized and labeled manner. We volunteer our time helping many clients, and you know your child’s story better than we do. We don’t have the resources to devote to organizing a jumble of files into a coherent story. We ask that you present us with well-organized documents and that your request and priorities are clearly stated. We will absolutely work with you and give input on your search, but we can’t do it if your information is incomplete or unclear.

  1. Clearly label all files.
  2. Include a list of all the significant organizations, people, and contact information (as much as you have) for the people and places you want us to visit and/or interview.
  3. Include a chronological summary of your child’s or your history in Ethiopia and state your goals for the search.
  4. Upload all documentation to the website form (it can be saved and edited for 30 days). If you do not have enough room on the form, create a Google Drive or DropBox folder and share it with at the time you upload your case. Explain on your form that you are sending additional files via file share.

Note that emailed files are not accepted, your proposal will become void if you have not included all the locations and people you want us to investigate, all adoption documents must be provided, and unlabeled files will not be accepted.

When your payment is made you will be sent to a confirmation page. Hang on while the process completes. On the confirmation page, click on the link provided to upload your Ethiopian Family Search data. We will contact you within two weeks with a quote.