Happy Mother’s Day to All Mothers!

Hi, my name is Betti.

This Mother’s Day I want to shine some light on my mom, Andrea, and her organization Beteseb Felega. Over the last decade I’ve watched my mom grow Beteseb Felega EAC from a small website into an organization that helps hundreds of adoptees and Ethiopian families. When I was a baby, she fought to find my Ethiopian mom, and her efforts have allowed me to grow up connected to my roots and knowing where I came from.

My mom believes every adoptee has a right to know their birth families, and her team works tirelessly to provide this connection for other Ethiopian adoptees. My mom’s determination and hard work have impacted the lives of so many Ethiopian mothers and adoptees. I urge you to support this project for the benefit of all Ethiopian adoptees and their families.

No Fees with Venmo! Receipts will be done by hand for this, so please send us an email with your contact information: EthiopianAdoptionConnection @ gmail.com.