Your donation will go toward one or more of the following activities: translation of adoptee database cases into Amharic; free database and reunion services for adoptees, adoptive families, and Ethiopian families; pro bono foot searches for adult Ethiopian adoptees; free DNA kits for Ethiopian families; and personal protective equipment for our team in Ethiopia. You can help us reach more Ethiopian families and provide the the gift of history to Ethiopian adoptees. Donations are tax deductible.

No Fees with Zelle! Shameless beg for Americans: Credit card fees are hurting us. If you use Zelle from your bank, there are no fees for anyone. It is super easy to set up. Then, just Zelle your donation to +1-312-978-5854. Receipts will be done by hand for this.

Thanks to Beteseb Felega (EAC) I now have contact with my biological family in Ethiopia. My biological mother has been searching for me for more then 30 years. I’m planning to visit them in Addis Abeba in Jan 2018. All I can say is that “life goes in mysterious ways”! – Måns, reunited after more than 40 years