How to Use This Page

  • Give as much information as possible. There are multiple opportunities to add additional information.
  • All entries will be reviewed and approved to avoid spam; at that time, some information may be edited for the online post. EAC will retain the details in the event more information is needed to make a match. Information that will be kept off the public database:
    • specific personal information such as a street address
    • derogatory information about adoption in general and/or statements regarding the ethics of a specific adoption, adoption agency, adoption worker, etc
    • gratuitous personal information about a child or a family such as specific health history

If you are searching for your adopted child’s brothers or sisters, please note that in a comment field when you upload your information. We do not have a specific sibling form, however it is fine to post the information. Include any information you know and ignore fields unrelated to your sibling search.

This registry is public. When entering data, consider the following:

  • What information will be helpful in making a match? Orphanage, agency used, and friends who may have helped with the adoption are all important details.
  • What information am I comfortable with having permanently online? Hard facts such as agency used, age of the child, receiving country, and dates do not compromise anyone’s privacy.
  • Adoptees/adoptive parents and Ethiopian family may upload photos of the child. Photos of other family members may be posted with permission.
  • Do not expect quick results from registering here. It may take a long time for the site to populate. Be patient.

Remember that there is no guarantee of privacy online.

You will receive an email when your submission is up. It will include a link to your information for your review. It may take 2-3 weeks to get submissions up, but usually less. Thanks for being patient.


መረጃውን ያስገቡ መመሪያ / ጥያቄዎቹ እዚህ ይጀምራሉ

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