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Many adoptees were abandoned without any information about their families. DNA will be the only way to definitively prove relationships for these cases. Instead of doing individual testing on a case by case basis, we have initiated our own DNA Project. Through the generosity of FTDNA, we are able to provide adoptees with discounted Family Finder, or Autosomal, kits. Testing for Ethiopian family initiated searches is free for them and subsidized by Beteseb Felega – Ethiopian Adoption Connection. If you would like to donate to this effort, please visit this link.

Bear with us while we get used to the sign up process. We will be adding information to our project space as we move forward. Please follow all the instructions below to sign up.

If you would like more information on doing DNA, privacy, and more, please visit Family Tree DNA.

Adoptees and Adoptive Parents:

If you have already tested at FTDNA, send an email to DNA @ EthiopianAdoptionConnection.org requesting an invitation to the group.

If you have a kit from 23andme or another service, you can transfer to FTDNA for $19. Here is a link to the instructions for transferring to FTDNA. Initiate your join request at this link: FTDNA. In the upper left of the page, choose Upload DNA/Autosomal DNA. Write to this address requesting the discount code: dna at EthiopianAdoptionConnection.org

If you do not have a kit to transfer from another company, follow the instructions below. This information is used solely to determine who meets the requirements of the project; it will not be associated with your actual DNA kit or account. Once you provide the information requested, we will send you a coupon code for a discounted kit along with the link to join. Emails will be responded to in bulk so please be patient.

        1. Send an email to DNA @ EthiopianAdoptionConnection.org.
        2. Include your real name, Ethiopian name, your status as adoptee or adoptive parent of minor child, your adoptive country, and the location you believe you were from in Ethiopia: Region and Zone.
        3. You will be sent a coupon code for a discounted kit along with the link to join.
        4. Purchase your kit with the code at FTDNA.

We strongly urge everyone who signs up for this project to pay it forward by donating the funds for an Ethiopian family to be DNA tested.

In adoptive family/adoptee initiated paid searches where relationship validation is required, we provide a discount code for both parties but not free kits. 

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