Facebook Groups for Ethiopian Adoption

Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora

This group is exclusively for adoptees age 18 and older to discuss issues surrounding adoption.

Ethiopia Homeland Travel and Birth Family Contact

This is a group for adoptees and adoptive families who are thinking about, or have completed, a trip back to Ethiopia with their children. This group provides a place for families to share information and resources to help with post-adoption return tip planning and/or firth/birth family contact. Ethiopian firsth/birth family members and adult adoptees are welcome.

Ethiopia Mamas

A place to discuss all things Ethiopian adoption.

Ethiopian Adoptive Parent Support Group

This is an information-sharing group for adoptive parents of Ethiopian children or those in process of adopting, offering complete support with no judgment. Those affiliated with adoption agencies facilitating adoptions in Ethiopia will not be approved for membership.

Yahoo Groups for Ethiopian Adoption


This list is for families with adopted children from Ethiopia. Information about Ethiopian culture, orphanages can be shared & families can network with each other at all stages of the adoption journey.