We Need Your Support!

Adoption can be a wonderful thing. But there is loss associated with it. Most Ethiopian adoptees are missing information such as where they came from, their language and culture, who they look like, what their original mother named them, and more. Things most people take for granted are a mystery to them. Original families in Ethiopia have no idea what happened to their children after adoption. and many fear they are dead.

Restoring history and relationships lost in the adoption process are what we are all about! We want to fill in these gaps for adoptees and their families in Ethiopia.

  • A gift of $300 helps us facilitate one ‘reunion,’ which includes the exchange of letters, photos, and contact information; an in person visit and interview from one of our social workers with the Ethiopian family; and the ongoing support, such as cultural awareness for all parties, needed to maintain the newly restored relationships long term.
  • A gift of $100 enables us to gather the search information for one Ethiopian family, starting with an initial interview and concluding with the addition of the new search to our Ethiopian Adoption Search Registry. This gives a voice to Ethiopian families!

Please help us restore history and relationships lost in adoption by donating today!

Americans: There are no credit card fees to anyone if you use Zelle from your bank. It is super easy to set up. Then, just Zelle your donation to +1-312-978-5854 or [email protected] Receipts will be done by hand for this. Please do notify us by email that you did this because Zelle notifications are not reliable. Thank you!