Sept 6, 2023

Dear Valued Clients,

አሁን እስካለን ድረስ አዲስ ምዝገባዎች ለጊዜው ተዘግተዋል። ለሚፈልጉት አገልግሎት መመሪያዎችን እንዲያነቡ እና መረጃዎን እንዲሰበስቡ እናበረታታዎታለን። በ1 ወር ገደማ ውስጥ ተመዝጋቢዎችን እንደገና እንከፍታለን።

New paid search signups are temporarily on hold while we catch up to present time. We encourage you to spend time carefully gathering your information. If you are a current client with an ongoing case or time sensitive visit, email Andrea.

For those wanting a search, please read about the SEARCH PROCESS and an EXAMPLE REPORT. These links will answer many of your questions.

Thank you for your understanding.

Andrea, Tracey, and the team in Ethiopia