Adoptee Search: Boy born in 1999 adopted in 2008 to USA through Americans for African Adoptions

Adoptive parent searching for Ethiopian Family of boy, Fikre-Yohannes Mola G., born in 1999. He stayed with his aunt, Abeba L., after his mother passed away and his aunt relinquished him at 5 years old in 2005 to Daughters of Charity and then given to Americans for African Adoption. He stayed at the Americans for African Adoptions Foster Home until he was adopted at 9 years old in 2008 to the USA.

Submitted by Adoptive Parent searching for Ethiopian Family

Child’s Information

Age of Child in Photo
5 pictured with aunt

Gender of Child Boy

Ethnicity of Child Oromo

Year of child’s birth 1999

Name of child at the time of adoption Fikre-Yohannes Mola Gamachu

Ethiopian birth name of child Fikre-Yohannes Mola Gamachu

Age of child at adoption 9 years

Year child was adopted 2008

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known Mother: Atsede L. ; Brother: Frawan; Father: Molla W. from Oromo tribe (died January 2005); Aunt: Abeba L. lives in Addis. There is question if Abeba is the aunt or the grandmother. Abeba’s husband is named Gamachu. 

Additional information Fikre fell at AFAA  house, spent a few days in the hospital has a scar on his head

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 5 years

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 2005

To the best of your knowledge, child was Relinquished

Region of origin Addis Ababa Region

Zone of origin Addis Ababa – Addis Ababa Region

City/town of origin Addis Ababa

Give information about how the child became available for adoption Fikre’s mother died September 2005 at age 32 gave him to her sister, Abeba L., to raise. Abeba relinquished Fikre to Aberash who worked at Daughters of Charity who then gave him to Haregewoin.  He was then given to Americans for African Adoption. Tigist Kebede ran the orphanage. After AFAA house closed Tigist opened a school called IVY School.

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed IN ETHIOPIA Americans for African Adoptions (USA)

List adoption agency workers with titles if known Tigist Kebede; House mother British

Adoptive Country USA

Additional information regarding adoption agency and/or country of adoption AFAA house changed locations around 2004-2005 and Fikre was always at the last AFAA house. He attended a school named St. Michaels Elementary School while in the house. 

Orphanage/care center #1

Age of Child in Photo 9

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Americans for African Adoptions Foster Home

Orphanage or care center workers and their titles, if known Tigist Kebede ran the orphanage. Zerihun Abera was one of the drivers.

Region of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa Region

Zone of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa – Addis Ababa Region

City/Town of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa

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