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We receive many, many calls and inquiries from people all over Ethiopia, especially the densely populated area of Addis Ababa. Up to this point our Vice President and Programme Head, both Amharic speakers, have been fielding calls and assisting with data intake on a volunteer basis. We’ve grown. It’s time for a full time employee in Addis Ababa. This person will work with Ethiopian families to accept adoption case information, field calls from all over Ethiopia, and facilitate EAC’s discussion groups which provide much needed emotional support to mothers and fathers living without their children.

A father telling his adoption story in an EAC facilitated discussion group
Andrea visiting an EAC facilitated social support discussion group for families living without their children. Boloso Sore Woreda, Matala Hembecho.
One of our support and discussion groups for families living without their children, Offa Woreda, Busha Kebele.
A grandmother learning about EAC's programs, Offa Woreda, Busha Kebele.

It is the vision and hope of EAC that every adoptee has access to his or her birth information and the opportunity for contact with his or her family of origin. You can help us reach more families in Ethiopia and provide the gift of history to Ethiopian adoptees. Donations are tax deductible.

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