You may have noticed some new things about our website. We’re growing, and change is an inevitable part of growth. The most obvious update we’ve made is our name: Beteseb Felega. Beteseb Felega means “family search” in Amharic. We’ve chosen Beteseb Felega in order to be more inclusive of the Ethiopian families with whom we work. In Amharic, Beteseb Felega is ቤተሰብ ፍለጋ. The name Ethiopian Adoption Connection / EAC, will continue to be used for a variety of reasons, though you may see it less and less over time. We’ve kept our web addresses, so bookmarks and links will remain. We hope you like our new name as much as we do!

A coffee ceremony is held after each of EAC's discussion groups for Ethiopian parents. Boloso Sore, Matala Hembecho.