Register for an Ethiopian Family Search

Beteseb Felega offers searches throughout Ethiopia. Comprehensive, detailed reports are provided for all searches. Careful and diligent effort will be made to find your or your child’s Ethiopian family. It’s important for clients to understand that not all searches are successful. Regardless of outcome, you will be provided with written and photographic documentation of your search.

A $50 registration fee will enable us to review your adoption information and provide you will a quote for your Ethiopian family search. After you’ve made your registration payment, you can provide your adoption search information through our easy to use website form. You will be able to save the form and return later for up to 30 days, and when you submit your data, you will receive a copy via email.

When your payment is made you will be sent to a confirmation page. Hang on while the process completes. On the confirmation page, click on the link provided to upload your Ethiopian Family Search data. We will contact you within two weeks with a quote.