Register for Ethiopian Family Letter Delivery

Beteseb Felega offers personal letter delivery in Wolayta, Addis Ababa, and nearby areas such Dawro and Debre Zeit. You will receive photo verification of letter receipt, a short social report on your or your child’s family’s life, and a short letter from the family with photos. Use our brief form below; you can do part and save it for 30 days if you need to come back to it. We will send your payment quote by email.

Important: You will be uploading TWO documents through the website:

1. One PDF file containing your letter and photos. Limit questions to 10. In our experience, small details are best obtained over a period of time rather than in one communication. The family is likely to be emotional at receiving your letter and this can make it hard to get answers to very detailed questions.

2. One PDF file containing names, contact, and other information necessary to deliver the letter.

There is a spot to add additional information if necessary.

To sign up for letter delivery services, please fill out our brief form, upload your letter, and we will provide a quote via email. Register for letter delivery and upload your letter now.