Ethiopian Family Search, Ongoing Communication, and Translation Services

Beteseb Felega will now search on the ground in Ethiopia on behalf of adoptees and adoptive parents. And when you hire us, a portion of your fees support our free services for Ethiopian families. We have been asked over and over again to offer these services for adoptees and adoptive families and we have hesitated for a variety of reasons. Clearly there is a need, and our community wants us to step in.

Search and letter delivery services are available throughout Ethiopia. We also offer phone call check-in in some languages as well as translation services, and we are able to help with DNA testing. Our team consists of social workers, adoptees, adoptive parents, Ethiopian original families, and concerned Ethiopians who support our mission. We’ve got paid folks in Ethiopia and volunteers all over the world. We even have a caseworker who is a medical professional. Every team member is a degreed professional who cares deeply about the value of this work.

After a lovely meeting with one of the VPs at the Federal First Instance Court, we can now get COURT DOCUMENTS!

Comprehensive, detailed search reports are provided. All communication goes through our American office so you never have to wait for a good connection to ask a question or get an update. Fees vary based on background information provided and travel distance. Payments are held in our USA bank account, except expenses, until the case is completed. Your hiring us puts Beteseb Felega one step closer to opening our office in Addis Ababa and supports our efforts to reach more Ethiopian families.

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Common questions:

Are your database and reconnection services still free? Yes! Reconnections made via our website database and Ethiopian case workers are still free. Reconnection via the database or a case worker in Ethiopia typically consists of a basic social report going to and from both parties along with an exchange of direct contact information. Ethiopian families reconnected by us are welcome to send a message through our offices any time at no cost. As we are in great need of funds to expand, we encourage all who use our database to make a good faith contribution to our work.

Why aren’t your ongoing contact services free? We would love for everything to be free, and we believe every adoptee deserves to know his or her family of origin. However, the reality is that this work is extremely time consuming. Fundraising for this project is slow; as important as it is, post adoption support, and in our case social assistance to Ethiopian families, is not as compelling as other non profit work. Most of our funds have been gifted from our Board Members who also donate their time.