Ethiopian Family Search: Girl Born 2006 Amhara Region Adopted 2009 to USA through WACAP

Ethiopian Brother, Andualem Semahagne, is searching for his younger sister, birth name Lidet Semahagne, who was born in 2006 in Bahar Dar City. Lidet was adopted in 2009 at the age of 3 to the USA. The orphanage is unknown but the adoptive agency is believed to be WACAP. The family received one report after the adoption in which it mentioned a city in the Western USA and that Lidet’s adoptive last name may begin with a B or F. Andualem would like to know how his sister is doing.

Submitted by Ethiopian Brother

Child’s Information

Gender of Child Girl

Ethnicity of Child Amhara

Additional information about child’s ethnicity From Bahar Dar City

Year of child’s birth 2006

Name of child at the time of adoption Adoptive last name may start with B or F

Ethiopian birth name of child Lidet Semahagne

Age of child at adoption 3 years

Year child was adopted 2009

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, Andualem Semahagne- Brother lives in Bahar Dar

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 3 years

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 2009

Region of origin Amhara Region

Zone of origin Bahir Dar – Amhara Region

City/town of origin Bahir Dar

Give information about how the child became available for adoption Because her family was very sick and unable to take care of her and don’t have anyone to help them to take care of her.

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed WACAP

Adoptive Country USA

Additional information regarding adoption agency and/or country of adoption We get one-time WACAP report and there is a sentence ”Lidet attends regularly Ethiopian culture class by Ethiopian adults,  …”.

Orphanage/care center #1

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption UNKNOWN orphanage

Region of orphanage or care center UNKNOWN region in Ethiopia

Zone of orphanage or care center UNKNOWN zone

City/Town of orphanage or care center UNKNOWN city or town

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