Ethiopian Family Search for Amanuel and Adane Adopted to USA in 2008

Ethiopian family is searching for brothers Amanuel and Adane adopted to the same family in the USA. The year was 2008. Amanuel was 3 years old and Adane was 9 months. The come from Hadiya, SNNPR. Mother and father are Ayelech and Tessema.

Submitted by Ethiopian Family

Child’s Information

Gender of Child Boy

Year of child’s birth Amanuel was born in 2004, Adane was born in 2008

Name of child at the time of adoption Unsure if the names were changed for the adoption process.

Ethiopian birth name of child Amanuel Tessema and Adane Tessema or Tesema

Age of child at adoption Amanuel was 3 years old and Adane was a baby about 9 months.

Year child was adopted 2008

Brother in Ethiopia
Brother in Ethiopia

Background Story Birth mother’s name is Ayelech and birth father’s name is Tessema. The children are from Gimbichu, Hadiya, SNNPR. They have an older brothers named Detamo and Degu who remained in Ethiopia. Adane Tessema and Amanuel Tessema are brothers from the same birth parents. They were adopted into the same adoptive family. Post placement reports are on file. These adoptees have an adopted cousin in the USA as well as their living family in Ethiopia.

Child was Relinquished by their parents Ayalech and Tessema.

Adoption Agency Information

Children in Ethiopia
Children in Ethiopia

Adoption agency through which the child was processed Unknown

Adoptive Country USA

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Unknown, the birth parents were not given this information.

Location Hadiya Zone, SNNPR Southern Nations, Nationalies and Peoples Region

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