Beteseb Felega’s Adoptee Resources: Ethiopian Family Search, for Adoptees.

Searching for your Ethiopian family is a big step and Beteseb Felega is here to help. Our Ethiopian family search services are outlined below. Please follow the links for more information, and be sure to take a look at some of the Ethiopian adoption and adoptee groups on Facebook.

Our Ethiopian Family Search Services

Upload your adoption information to our database which is viewed often from Ethiopia. These cases are also shared in person in Ethiopia by our case workers.

Check the database of Ethiopian family cases Someone may already be looking for you. Sign up to receive email updates on new cases.

Hire us to investigate your case in Ethiopia. Beteseb Felega will search in Ethiopia on behalf of adoptees. When you hire us, a portion of your fees are used for our free services to Ethiopian families. We strongly advise young adult adoptees to engage the emotional help and financial support of their adoptive parents when searching. Because we know some adoptees lack this type of support, we offer a sliding scale on a case by case basis, usually by “piggybacking” with other searches, for those who need it.

What is the Database?

Adoption search registries have been around for a long time. The EAC database can be compared to a missing person poster placed in the center of a village. Users can can list their information in the database, search entries submitted by others, receive assistance with making initial contact, and find resources on maintaining communication. Caseworkers in Ethiopia work with Ethiopian families to explain how the database functions, what they can expect from using it, and help them list their information. Siblings adopted to different families may also be located through searching our database.

Put your information into our database and continue your search for free, with no further effort on your part. It will remain until your people are found.

All entries are reviewed and any explicit identifying information is edited (last names, address, etc). We allow full names only of those people already in the public eye, such as an adoption agency representative in a receiving country.

How Do I Use the Database?

Enter your information: Adoption information is accepted through website forms in Amharic and English. Case information is not accepted through Facebook or email, though we can assist Ethiopians via phone as needed.

አማርኛ     English

What You Can Expect From Using Beteseb Felega

Beteseb Felega is a long term project begun in January 2014. Information in the database is shared with relevant adoptive countries and in Ethiopia. Many of our website visits come from Ethiopians searching for their children who were adopted. Searching can take weeks, months, or years. Be patient and do not expect immediate results.

Pay it Forward

We rely on word-of-mouth advertising and sharing on social media. You can make a huge difference in the life of other adoptees by sharing our cases with different adoption groups you belong to. You can also donate to our continued work.

Facebook Groups for Ethiopian Adoption

Ethiopian Adoptees of the Diaspora

This group is exclusively for adoptees age 18 and older to discuss issues surrounding adoption.

Ethiopian Adoptees Support Group

This is a place for Ethiopian adoptees to share their adoption experiences, views, and concerns. Members must be 18 years old or have the permission of their parents to join this group.

Ethiopia Homeland Travel and Birth Family Contact

This is a group for adoptees and adoptive families who are thinking about, or have completed, a trip back to Ethiopia with their children. This group provides a place for families to share information and resources to help with post-adoption return tip planning and/or firth/birth family contact. Ethiopian firsth/birth family members and adult adoptees are welcome.

Ethiopian Adoptive Parent and Adoptees Information and Discussion Group

This is an information-sharing group for adoptive parents of Ethiopian children or those in process of adopting, offering complete support with no judgment. Those affiliated with adoption agencies facilitating adoptions in Ethiopia will not be approved for membership.