Searching with DNA

There are three big companies that test and automatically compare results other people in their database. Start with an “autosomal” test. These tests can be used for general search and comparison or to test a specific relationship. If your specific relationship test turns out to be negative, you will still be compared with everyone else in the database both now and in the future. Costs vary but are usually around $100.

23ndMe – This is the most commonly used by Ethiopian adoptive parents to check for siblings and cousins. It’s a spit test and you must use their kit to submit a sample.

Family Tree DNA – this is a cheek swab test. They accept tests without a kit. Call them for instructions on how to submit a sample without a kit.


DNA Analysis Services

When you’ve gotten your results from one of the companies above, upload your raw data to GEDmatch for comparison with even more people!

GEDMatch GEDmatch provides DNA and gen gealogical analysis tools for amateur and professional researchers and genealogists. Most tools are free, but we do provide some premium tools for users who wish to help support us with contributions. You will need to upload DNA and / or genealogical (GEDCOM) data to make use of the tools here. Registration requires your name, email and password.

Using DNA to Search or Confirm a Relationship

Want to test a specific person to see if they are related to you? Use the steps above. If you are not related to each other, you will both have your DNA samples compared with others on an ongoing basis.