Adoptee Sibling Search: Lost Twin Sister Born 1995 Addis Ababa Adopted 1996 to Unknown Country through Kebebe Tsehay and Unknown Agency

Adoptee Kelemework Workeneh is searching for her twin sister born in 1995. Her birth name was Achamyelesh Workeneh but at the time of adoption it might have been listed as Achamyelesh Kebebe tsehai / Kebebetsehai. The twins were born in Addis Ababa to Buzenesh Tadele (mother) and Workeneh Yemane (father). Workeneh relinquished the twins as infants after the death of their mother. They have an older sister Zemedinesh Workeneh. Kelemework’s adoptive parents were initially told that Achamyelesh had died but they later learned that this was not the case. It is believed Achamyelesh was adopted in 1996 around the age of one. Her adoptive parents may or may not have been told she was a twin or may have been told the twin died. She might have been adopted through Stichting Afrika to the Netherlands as her twin was or she could have been adopted to any other country.

Submitted by Adoptee

Child’s Information

Achamyelesh around 8/9 months old

Gender of Child Girl

Ethnicity of Child Amhara

Additional information about child’s ethnicity Probably half Oromo Half Amhara

Year of child’s birth 1995

Name of child at the time of adoption Achamyelesh Kebebe tsehai

Ethiopian birth name of child Achamyelesh Workeneh

Age of child at adoption 1 years

Year child was adopted 1996

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known. Achamyelesh and  Kelemework have an older biological sister named Zemedinesh Workeneh who is now 28 years old. Their biologic mother’s name was Buzenesh Tadele and biological father’s name was Workeneh Yemane. Both Ethiopian parents have died.

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Achamyelesh around 8/9 months old

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 0-12 months

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 1995

To the best of your knowledge, child was Relinquished

Region of relinquishment Amhara Region

Zone of relinquishment Addis Ababa zone

City/town of relinquishment Addis Ababa

Name and relationship of relinquishing adult Workeneh Yemane who was their Father. He couldn’t take care of them after the death of their mother.

Do you believe child(ren) were relinquished willingly? Yes

Adoption Agency Information

Kelemework today

Adoption agency through which the child was processed UNKNOWN Adoption Agency

List adoption agency workers with titles if known Stichting Afrika was the agency for Kelemework’s adoption. Kelemework ‘s adoptive parents were assisted by Alemu Tadesse and Getachew Shiferaw/ee. Getachew also signed the court decision in January.

Adoptive Country UNKNOWN receiving country

Additional information regarding adoption agency and/or country of adoption  Kelemework’s adoptive parents confronted the manager of Kebebe Tsehai and Getachew about the “death” of Achamyelesh.  A video recording of the Amharic conversation between the Manager and Getachew relieved that they were faking the death of Achamyelesh.

Orphanage/care center #1

Kelemework today

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Kebebe Tsehay

Orphanage or care center workers and their titles,  Fanaye, a nurse

Region of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa Region

Zone of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa zone

City/Town of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa

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