Orphan Searching – Mihret Adopted to Netherlands in 1997 via Stichting Afrika and Social Worker Hana Berhanu

Orphan Searching – Mihret is and orphan searching for her family. She is from Addis Ababa and was adopted to Netherlands in 1997 as an infant. The adoption was facilitated by Alemu Tadesse, Getachew Shiferaw (taxi driver) Wogayehu Hailemariam, and Hannah Berhanu and Stichting Afrika. She may have been in Black Lion Hospital, where Hana Berhanu was a social worker and/or Kidane Mihret. Foundation Africa may also have been involved in the adoption because Getachew Shiferaw and Alemu Tadesse worker there.

Submitted by Orphan Girl

Child’s Information

Mihret 4 days old
Mihret 4 days old

Gender of Child Girl

Year of child’s birth – May 9,1996 GC, 1.9.1988 EC

Name of child at the time of adoption – include nicknames Mihret / Mehret / Meheret / Miheret

Baby Mihret
Baby Mihret

Age of child at adoption – best guess as to real age 0-12 months

Year child was adopted 1997

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known Female named Mihret listed birthdate is May 9,1996 GC, Ethiopian calendar 1.9.1988. Mihret’s exact birth location is unknown, but she was was brought to a house at Woreda 19 in Bole Area a couple of days after her birth. It is known as the house of ”Foundation Africa” from a Dutch organization. At the 13th of May, 1996, Mihret was already at the house. We don’t know the exact date when she arrived there, but she was just a few days old. This was told by Medhanit in 1997; she unfortunately passed away years ago. She worked at the house. The house belongs to Emebet but she rented it to Alemu Tadesse. Wogayehu Hailemariam and Hannah Berhanu worked at the house. Hannah was working also as a social worker at Black Lion Hospital. She is also the founder of Sele Enat Orphanage. Embet has said that Wogayehu and Hanna used to accept children at a church nearby or at the Black Lion Hospital. She said that Hannah knows who the biological mother is but Hannah refuses to talk.


Wogayehu HaileMariam or Hannah Berhanu knew Mihret’s biological mother and accepted her from either the Black Lion Hospital or a church. Medhanit who also worked at the house said that baby Mihret still had the umbical cord attached when she arrived.

Mihret was adopted at 8 months old, 10th of January 1997 (western calendar).

Give data about other children from the same Ethiopian family There is a small chance that Meheret has stayed at Kidane Mihret orphanage for a few days, in Kebena Area in Addis Ababa. Nun Masir Jospeh Tesema and Getachew Shiferaw might have accepted her from a family member around 9th of may 1996. A letter written by Nun Masir states ‘’Someone wrote a letter for child Mihret, that she does not have any parents. Depend on the letter we take her in and we will give her away.’’

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 0-12 months

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 1996

To the best of your knowledge, child was Relinquished

Region of relinquishment Addis Ababa Region

City/town of relinquishment Addis Ababa

Name and relationship of relinquishing adult Possibly biological mother, name unknown. Possibly at Back Lion Hospital given to Hannah Berhanu or at a church given to Hannah or Wogayehu Hailemariam

Police officer involved with the case None

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed IN ETHIOPIA Stichting Afrika (Netherlands)

List adoption agency workers with titles if known Alemu Tadesse, Getachew Shiferaw (taxi driver) Wogayehu Hailemariam, and Hannah Berhanu

Adoptive Country Netherlands

Additional information regarding adoption agency and/or country of adoption Getachew Shiferaw and Alemu Tadesse, two men who also worked for Foundation Africa, made up false stories about my situation. They know the truth but never shared the real story.

Orphanage/care center #1

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption None

Orphanage or care center workers and their titles, if known The child did not stay at an orphanage. She stayed at the house at Woreda 19 kebele which still belongs to Emebet, whom I’ve met in 2019.

City/Town of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa

Additional information that could be useful to the case Hannah Berhanu’s husband also knows the story and his name is Abebe Bayou. He is a retired health professional.

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