Adoptee Search: Girl Born and Adopted in Addis Ababa in 2005 through CAFAC

Female Liya was born in 2005 and found in Addis Ababa on April 14, 2005 by Ato Debesh Sisay who reported it to the authorities. Liya was adopted to Canada in 2005 through CAFAC Canadian Advocates for the Adoption of Children and Koreb Orphanage.

Submitted by Adoptive Parent Searching for Ethiopian Family

Child’s Information

Gender of Child Girl

Ethnicity of Child UNKNOWN

Year of child’s birth 2005

Name of child at the time of adoption Liya

Age of child at adoption 0-12 months

Year child was adopted 2005

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known Liya was found abandoned in Addis Ababa on April 14th, 2005 by Ato Debesh Sisay. He reported her to the local authority. Liya was assigned to Koreb Orphanage for adoption.

Additional information She had a small 6th finger on each hand which was attached to the 5th finger.

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 0-12 months

Year child entered a care center or orphanage Unknown

To the best of your knowledge, child was Abandoned

Region child(ren) found Addis Ababa Region

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed Canadian Advocates for the Adoption of Children/CAFAC (Canada)

List adoption agency workers with titles if known Haregewain Berhane

Adoptive Country Canada

Orphanage/care center #1

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Koreb Orphanage

City/Town of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa

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