Adoptee Search: Girl Born 2001 Addis Ababa Adopted 2010 to Belgium through Ray of Hope and Kid’s Care

የልጆች መረጃ

Konjit Around 7 years old

የህጻኑ ስም፡- ቆንጂት

ጾታ፡- ሴት

ህጻኑ የተወለደበት ዓመት፡- 1993/94 .  (በኢትዮጲያ አቆጣጠር)

ህጻኑ በጉዲፈቻ ሲሰጥ የነበረበት ዕድሜ፡-  9 ወይም 10 አመት

ህጻኑ በጉዲፈቻ የተወሰደበት ዓመት፡- 2002/03 . (በኢትዮጲያ አቆጣጠር)

ህጻኑ የነበረበት የህጻናት ማሳደጊያ፡- ኪድስ ኬር

የህጻኑ መነሻ/የትውልድ ቦታ፡- አዲስ አበባ

የጉዲፈቻ ወኪል ድርጅት፡- ሬይ ኦፍ ሆፕ (ቤልጄም)

ህጻኑ በጉዲፍቻ የተወሰደበት ሃገር፡- ቤልጄም

Adoptee searching for her Ethiopian family. Girl born 2001, Ethiopian name Konjit. On December 4, 2008, Konjit has been found by Yeka Police station in the Gerji area of Addis Ababa, after she had been lost. She has a burn to her knee and scar to her back. Her mother’s name was Zufan and her father’s name was Kader/ Kedir / Khedir. Konjit was adopted to Belgium in 2010 through Ray of Hope and Kid’s Care Orphanage.

Submitted by Adoptee

Child’s Information

Konjit around 6-7 years old

Gender of Child Girl

Ethnicity of Child Oromo

Additional information about child’s ethnicity Nazret? Abomsa??

Year of child’s birth  2001

Name of child at the time of adoption Konjit

Age of child at adoption 9-10 years

Year child was adopted 2010 

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known. Mother: Zufan Father: Kader / Kedir / Khedir

Additional information Burn to the knee and scar to the back.

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 8 years

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 2009

To the best of your knowledge, child was Abandoned

City/town child(ren) found Addis Ababa

Details of child(ren)’s abandonment On December 4, 2008, Konjit was found by Yeka Police station in the Gerji area of Addis Ababa, after she was lost. She just wore a casual clothing.

Police officer involved with the case Sishirew M.

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed IN ETHIOPIA Ray of Hope (Belgium)

Adoptive Country Belgium

Additional information regarding adoption agency and/or country of adoption Konjit was adopted in Belgium in April 11, 2010. 

Orphanage/care center #1

Age of Child in Photo
6-7 yrs old

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Kid’s Care

Orphanage or care center workers and their titles, if known Director was Aster Fesseha.

Region and Zone of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa City

Additional information about this orphanage or care center On January 21, 2009, Konjit was taken care of in the orphanage Kid’s Care.

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