Adoptee Search: Boy Born 1997 Addis Ababa Adopted 1997 through Children of the Sun via Toukoul Orphanage

የልጆች መረጃ

Asrat Amanuel age
12 months

የህጻኑ ስም፡- አስራት አማኑኤል

ጾታ፡- ወንድ

ህጻኑ የተወለደበት ዓመት፡- 1988/89 .  (በኢትዮጲያ አቆጣጠር)

ህጻኑ በጉዲፈቻ ሲሰጥ የነበረበት ዕድሜ፡-  0-12 ወራት

ህጻኑ በጉዲፈቻ የተወሰደበት ዓመት፡-  1989/90 . (በኢትዮጲያ አቆጣጠር)

ህጻኑ የነበረበት የህጻናት ማሳደጊያ፡- ትኩል ህጻናት ማሳደጊያ

የህጻኑ መነሻ/የትውልድ ቦታ፡-  አዲስ አበባ

የጉዲፈቻ ወኪል ድርጅት፡- ችልድረን ኦፍ ሰን (ፈረንሳይ)

ህጻኑ በጉዲፍቻ የተወሰደበት ሃገር፡- ፈረንሳይ

Adoptee searching for Ethiopian family. Boy, Ethiopian name Asrat Amanuel, born in 1997 in Addis Ababa. He was left by his mother, Ageritu A., in the care of a Ms. Berké B. who then placed him in Toukoul Orphanage. He was adopted to France in 1997 through Children of the Sun.

Submitted by Adoptee

Child’s Information

Gender of Child Boy

Year of child’s birth 1996

Ethiopian birth name of child Asrat Amanuel

Age of child at adoption 0-12 months

Year child was adopted 1997

Give information about child’s Ethiopian family, if known. The name of my biological mother is Ageritu A. who left me with a Ms. Berké B. after giving birth to me who then entrusted me to the orphanage. 

Relinquishment or Abandonment Information

Age when child entered care center or orphanage 0-12 months

Year child entered a care center or orphanage 1997

To the best of your knowledge, child was Relinquished

Region of relinquishment Addis Ababa Region

City/town of relinquishment Addis Ababa

Adoption Agency Information

Adoption agency through which the child was processed Children of the Sun (France)

List adoption agency workers with titles if known Madame Belanger, director of the Children of the Sun association based in Mans. 

Adoptive Country France

Orphanage/care center #1

Orphanage or care center used in the adoption Toukoul Orphanage

City/Town of orphanage or care center Addis Ababa

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