EAC now offers ongoing contact support to adoptive families and adoptees. These paid services are performed by our experienced, trained social workers and as well as our volunteer board members. All fees go back into our programs in Ethiopia. When you use Beteseb Felega (EAC) for ongoing contact or consultation, you are directly contributing to our mission of providing the gift of history to Ethiopian adoptees.

Are your database and reconnection services still free? Yes! Reconnections made via our website database and Ethiopian social workers are still free to all. Reconnection via the database or a social worker in Ethiopia typically consists of a basic social report going to and from both parties along with the exchange of direct contact information. Ethiopian families reconnected by us are welcome to send a message through our offices any time at no cost. As we are in great need of funds to expand, we encourage all who use our database to make a small good faith contribution to our work.

Why aren’t your ongoing contact services free? We would love for everything to be free, and we believe every adoptee deserves a relationship with his or her family of origin. However, the reality is that this work is extremely time consuming. Fundraising for this project is slow; as important as it is, post adoption support, and in our case social assistance to Ethiopian families, is not as compelling as other non profit work. Most of our funds have been gifted from our Board Members who also donate their time.


Is the idea of birth family contact new to you? Do you have more questions than can be answered by our website? One of our experienced volunteers can help. We require that you send us your questions in advance so that we can give you the best help possible. A one hour phone consultation is $200. Consultations are free to adult adoptees living without adoptive family support. Be sure to check our website thoroughly to see if your questions are answered here already. Our ABOUT and RESOURCES pages are good places to start.


Letter Delivery – includes delivery of printed letter and photos either in the office, at the family home, or at a meeting point; verbal translation of letter; photos of family receiving the letter; and a return letter. This service is intended for those with previously established contact$200

In Depth Family Report – includes a home visit with detailed report and photos about the following: the family’s living conditions, their home location, family members, work and financial situation, and questions provided by the adoptive family. This service is recommended for new contact or yearly followups$500

Communication Setup Assistance for Ethiopian Families  One of our social workers will help your Ethiopian family with any of the following: PO Box setup, cell or smart phone purchase, or a setting up a Facebook and/or email account. Phones, minutes, and PO Box costs are extra and some services require the Ethiopian family to have an ID. This service includes a brief report of what was accomplished including photos, however it does not include letter translation or a social report. It is intended for those who want the option of independent contact. $100-$300 depending on services requested and time involved.

Addis Ababa

In order for us to provide these services in Addis Ababa, we first need a social worker there. Please donate if you would like to support our expansion.

Email EthiopianAdoptionConnection @ gmail.com to access these services.