News and other exciting things….

March 2017 saw Andrea and Kalkidan in Addis Ababa for a week of intensive work culminating in meetings with parents in various stages of search and reunion. Lunch was prepared every day by Andrea’s child’s Ethiopian mom, who supported our work in many other ways as well!

Meetings with parents were all over the board, happy and sad. We met with quite a few mothers and fathers (and even a brother), some we have already reconnected and others still hoping for news of their children. Clockwise from upper left: Negat with her foster baby Zerihun whom she hasn’t seen since 1996; Anteneh, who is searching for his sister from whom he was wrongfully separated when they were small, with Kalkidan and Andrea; Girma who searched for his sons for 20 years and with whom he was recently reconnected by EAC; Amele who is searching for her baby girl Nebyat adopted to Norway; Almaz, recently reconnected with her children; Tiruye who is searching for her son Josef; Nebyat, Amele’s daughter; and Aberash who is currently being reconnected with her son.

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