Ethiopian Adoption Connection’s mission has two goals:

  • To reconnect adoptees with their families in Ethiopia and assist them in establishing long term, independent contact
  • To empower Ethiopian families who have lost children to adoption by providing:

emotional and social support through caseworker led discussion groups

education about the system through which their children were adopted

meaningful, realistic information about reunion, potential reunion, and ongoing contact with their adopted children

A boy in Wolayta reconnected by EAC. He is looking at a photo of his brother who was adopted to the USA.
Tadewos being trained by Andrea and Kalkidan to work with Ethiopian families in Wolayta
Danielle delivering caseworker training material to Kalkidan in Addis
Hiwot presenting at our launching in Wolayta Soddo

Wolayta Soddo, Ethiopia

EAC’s Wolayta Soddo project began in 2016 through a partnership with Wolaitta Development Association.

Wolayta is a zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ (SNNPR) Region of Ethiopia. Wolayta zone has 12 administrative Woreda or districts. The names are 1/ Soddo Zuriya- Sodo 2/Damot Gale- Boditi 3/ Damot Woyde- Bedesa 4/ Duguna Fango- Bitana 5/Boloso Bombe-Bombe 6/ Boloso Sore-Areka 7/ Damot Pulasa- Shanto 8/Kindo Koysha- Bele 9/Damot Sore- Gununo 10/ Kindo Didaye Halale 11/ Ofa- Gesuba 12/ Humbo Tebela.

See our photos of Wolayta.

Read our August 2016 report and our March 2017 report.

EAC has a full time caseworker dedicated to our mission. Prior to beginning her work, she attended a three day training session led by Kalkidan on material designed by Andrea and the EAC team including a natural mother. Our caseworker’s community outreach involves the following:

  • sharing information about EAC: its mission, database, and discussion group(s).
  • collecting adoption information from Ethiopian families seeking to make contact with their children through sharing letters, photos, etc., and to educate Ethiopian families on the perspectives of adoptive families and reasonable expectations for contact
  • sharing EAC  database submissions from adoptees/adoptive families wanting to make contact with family in Ethiopia.
  • facilitating discussion group(s) for mothers and fathers whose children were adopted abroad.
Regions in Ethiopia
SNNPR Region
Woredas in Wolayta Zone