At EAC we are proud of our fabulous Adoptee Advisory Board.

Heran Tadesse was adopted to the Netherlands at the age of three in 1987. In 2002 she reconnected to her Ethiopian family. From that time onwards, she started traveling back and forth between the Netherlands and Ethiopia. In 2009 she finalized a BSc in Tropical Forestry and she got a job with Addis Ababa University in 2010. In the same year she got married and settled in Addis, which gave her the opportunity to learn Amharic and integrate in the society. Heran is expecting her third child in November. Next to being a mother, she now works part-time as an agricultural network facilitator, an active member of the Regina Family Center, and as a hobby she teaches yoga. Heran used to support adult adoptees in birth family reunions and by being part of the Ethiopian Adoption Connection she can continue to indirectly reconnect families.

Ledeta BorderLedeta Mengistu was adopted at the age of 4 in 1987 to the Netherlands.  She is a nurse and has experience working in general hospitals, psychiatric hospitals and public health services. As a baby Ledeta was abandoned and since her teenager years has been searching for information about her biological family without any result. With her personal and professional background, Ledeta hopes too share her experience and support to other Ethiopian adoptees. Ledeta has been with EAC since 2016.